Vibrant & Clear Phospholipid Wafers PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS:

Increase Nutrient Absorption

Enhance Cell Potential

Increase Energy Levels

Improve Mental Clarity

Improve Mitochondrial Function

Additional Benefits:


Blood Sugar Control

Homocysteine Levels

One of the world’s leading experts in cellular research considers this to be one of the most important medical breakthroughs of the 21st century and defined this as “Membrane Lipid Replacement” (MLR).

(MLR) has also been referred to as Lipid Replacement Therapy (LRT) and Membrane Replacement Therapy (MRT)

We have over 15 years of proven research to show its overall effectiveness in aiding proper cell function through Membrane Lipid Replacement. Pivotal studies have been conducted at UCLA, Henry Ford Hospital, The Institute for Molecular
Medicine and others.

Membrane Lipid Replacement (MLR) is the replacement of damaged lipids using a dietary supplement containing polyunsaturated phosphatidylcholines, phospholipids and fatty acids that are essential structural and functional components of all biological cell membranes. Vibrant & Clear Phospholipids offer 1200 mg per wafer of superior, human cell membrane matching, pristine phospholipids.

Vibrant & Clear Phospholipid Wafers are a proprietary blend of phospholipids and glycolipids whose mechanism of action is to replace the lipids in cellular membranes therefore increasing cell membrane fluidity. By enhancing the membranes of the mitochondria (the energy furnaces within our cells), allows all cells to increase their nutrient uptake so that the mitochondria may produce more ATP — the body’s energy fuel.

Mitochondria are the primary energy producers in the body. Mitochondria are the energy furnaces of each cell, with the typical cell possessing an average of 1,000 mitochondria. Given that there are 10 to the 13th power cells in a healthy adult, healthy and productive mitochondria are critical to maintain the body’s energy and resilience.

Recent studies have shown the importance to maintaining healthy MTDNA, the DNA which resides inside the mitochondria. Unlike standard DNA which has histones and introns to protect it from free radical damage, the mitochondrial DNA does not have this protective mechanism so it is much more exposed and more susceptible to oxidative damage (ROS or reactive oxidative stress). Since mitochondrial cell division takes place approximately every five to six days and replicates the damage existing in the old cells, the damaged MTDNA spreads rapidly. This is what eventually depletes the patient’s energy level and may lead to abnormal cellular formation.

Anti-oxidants can be effective at neutralizing free radicals that damage membranes. However, when damage is already done, then traditional antioxidants have little ability to repair that damage. Now, the lipids available in Vibrant & Clear Wafers, can replace the damaged phospholipids in membranes with vibrant healthy phospholipids. These lipids enhance the cells mitochondria which allows the cells to process nutrients more effectively.

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